How to rent a car without driver

Comprehensive guide to : How to rent a car without driver

When it comes to opting for car rental services in a city like Lahore, one of the biggest questions that pop into a person's head is how much it will cost them. It is usually assumed that opting for car rental services can prove costly for an average person belonging to a social-economic class of B who has an average household income and average spending power. Having that said, the levels of inflation in our country and especially in the metropolitan cities of Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad are very high which have further strengthened the presumption that people have about having to spend a lot of money on car rental services. However, this assumption is not always true. That is because an average person would naturally assume that he would have to spend a fortune on renting out a car for personal use. Even if a person with an average income does not have to spend a fortune on car rental services, he or she would still have to spend a very large portion of their income on car rental services. That too, especially when they plan to rent out a high-end car with a larger than usual fuel consumption to cater to their transportation and travel needs. People do not know that if they try to do some research that is credible enough and has validity to it, they can really and truly come up with ways to reduce their car rental services at a greater level. Even if a potential customer is unable to come up with ways through which they can truly and greatly reduce their cost, he or she can for sure discover different, unique, and multiple ways on the internet and on different websites through which they can reduce their cost to a great and a substantial level.

If a potential customer, a current customer, a person who is considering to opt for car rental services, or as a matter of fact, even a random person acts and decides to opt for car rental services smartly enough, he or she will end up discovering that in fact, car rental services can prove to be extremely economical or even cheap is you act smartly. There are a large number of ways through which you can end up saving money and reduce the total costs that you may have to incur when you are considering opting for car rental services. First and foremost, you should be very clear as to when you really and truly need to rent a car and what your true reason is for renting out a car. The reason why this is important is that usually what people do is that they do not even fully know what they need the car for and they simply end up getting themselves a car booked without even realizing that the car that they have booked might not even meet the needs of their travel essentials and because of this once the car has been booked by a returning client or even a new client, they end up wasting their money since they are not using the car that they have booked to, in fact, the fullest. That is why it is extremely important to be one hundred percent sure that as a potential customer, or even a returning customer, you are very well aware that whatever and whichever car you are planning on renting out from any company that provides car rental services meets its full potential and serves the true purpose for which you have decided to opt for car rental services instead of simply fulfilling your transportation needs through other transportation services such as Uber, Careem, taxis, cabs or even auto-rickshaws. Another major mistake that people usually make is that they do not do any proper market research that will help them to discover as to what type of different cars are available with different car rental services that are available in the locality of the city to which they are planning on going. This can also potentially increase the cost of renting out a car to a substantial level. The reason for that is that mainly when a potential customer is not aware of what is available in the market or more importantly what is available in the region in which they are planning on renting out a car, a potential customer and client or even a returning or a current customer or client might just end up booking a vehicle or a car for themselves that they might not even need in the first place, to begin with. Even after people end up making such a mistake, when the vehicle is booked and it is not being used to its fullest potential for what the customer has paid the car rental services for, it leads to the wastage of money which means that the customer has initially paid extra for something that they do not even need, which in fact can prove to be extremely devastating and frustrating for the customer. This not only affects the overall experience that a new or a returning customer might have with the company through which they have decided to rent out a car, but this can also lead to negative word of mouth for the company itself as it will create the impression on the customer that the company did not bother to inform them properly about the different types of cars and vehicles that are available to them and instead the company decided to focus on making money without considering the bad experience that a customer might end up having which can potentially ruin the image of the company in the eyes of the customer.

Another mistake that people usually make which contributes to an increase in the cost that they have to incur while renting out a car is that the customer does not do any planning before renting out a car from any company that provides car rental services. For example, in Pakistan, especially in a city like Lahore, the winter months are usually extremely busy because of all the different kinds of events and weddings happening in different areas. Usually here in Pakistan, especially in Lahore, the winter months which generally include November, December, January, and February are considered as the months in which a lot of weddings are happening. This leads to more people traveling from different areas and different cities to Lahore which leads to a higher level of bookings that will be made as more people need cars to fulfill their transportation and travel needs. As a result of all of this, the demand for companies that offer car rental services increases drastically and since the demand increases, the price of the car rental services also increases. This automatically leads to an increase in the cost that a person will have to incur if they decide to rent a car during these months. The reason why they might have to incur and cater to higher costs is that as the demand will increase, the fare prices will also naturally end up increasing in the entire industry, overall. The ideal way to go about things is that if you are a person who has to travel and visit your loved ones in the peak months, you approach your desired car rental service and book the desired car or whatever vehicle you want in advance. Before you decide that you want to travel to Lahore from a different city, ideally you should start doing your research for a month or maybe even two months before you finalize your travel details so that you can get all the bookings and reservations finalized earlier which will result in you, as a customer, incurring lesser costs and the overall travel expenses. This will also reduce the intensity of the dent that will be created in your pocket. Having that said, this is also true for the summer season because that is also the peak time when people are traveling to visit their loved ones, family, and friends.

Another thing that you as a customer need to take into consideration and ponder upon is if you are completely sure about the car rental services that you are going to avail. Ever since the pandemic started, the uncertainty in the travel industry has increased over a great level so it is a smart idea to research the market and learn about the cancellation fees that different companies might charge in case you plan to cancel the car rental services that they plan on using. The last thing that will greatly help you in reducing your costs to a substantial level is to opt for a company that provides car rental services without a driver, which means self-drive car rental services. This will also help you in reducing your costs to a great level as you as a customer will not have to incur and bear the added, but irrelevant, cost of having a driver with the rented car or vehicle. For that, Khudcar is not at your service as Khudcar is an organization that provides self-drive car rental services. If you follow these simple steps and explore your options, the costs of renting a car can be reduced substantially.

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