KIA sportage for rent in Pakistan

Renting luxury cars in Pakistan is not easy because cars are expensive and people usually do not trust enough people to handover their luxurious cars for rent. Renting a normal car is easy but a luxurious car? A little more difficult than usual!.Are you looking to ride your favorite car for your favorite long drive? Then the easiest option is to rent it for a day or a few days -depends on your trip time- and live your wildest dreams.Now the more important question is where you will be able to find a luxurious car to rent in pakistan?

Where to rent Kia Sportage in Pakistan?

Well, Khudcar easily manages to resolve this issue with utmost professionalism and at a very much reasonable pricing. You can rent Kia as well as other sportage and luxurious cars for our big day.Khudcar is an initiative taken by an international company here in Pakistan and it allows you to rent any type of car in the operational cities without any struggle and hassle. Now, you can rent your favorite cars. This platform is a unique one because you would never have seen one like here in Pakistan. This is a platform with strict and friendly policies for both renters and car owners. You are taken care of by a team of professionals who are always there to support you 24/7.The process of renting a car is not complicated but it is extremely professional, that is because they keep the security of the car, car owner and renter on their priority list. Do not worry at all because their highly professional team is with you on each step of your journey.

Some facts and figures of KIA Sportage

KIA is one of the most luxurious cars launched and it is available in Pakistan. You need to look into these features before buying or renting it for yourself and enjoy the luxurious ride for all purposes.

1. Models and Pricing

Kia Sportage is available in three different models

  • KIA Sportage Alpha

    The price for Alpha is around 4,764,000

  • KIA Sportage FWD

    The price for FWD is around 5,276,000

  • KIA Sportage AWD

    The price for AWD is around 5,788,000

2. Quality and built

It is a strongly built car with a comfortable interior as well as exterior. You can have a comfortable ride and feel the premium in the air. Safety features are also a great advantage and it is completely automatic. It’s paint finish is so smooth and brilliant that you can see yourself in the car reflection just like a mirror. Another pro of having KIA is you will never have to worry about reselling it. It’s such a good and in-demand car that people are always looking for a great deal.

3. Fuel Average

KIA is a premium car and it comes with lots of features that makes it extraordinary but it’s heavy on pocket as it gives low fuel average if we compare it with other competitor car models from different brands.

4. Spare Parts

It would be great if you never run into accidents and the car remains in safe environment all the time because its spare parts are quite expensive and it will cost you quite an amount to keep it maintained.

KIA Sportage and it’s usage

KIA Sportage is a compact SUV and it surely is the talk of the town. You can have this car and it comes with all basic and advanced features a car comes with. It is best for seating 5 to 6 people very easily. It also comes with panoramic sunroof, Parking guide, 60/40 folding of rear seats and dual-level luggage control.It is amongst one of the cars where safety of passengers comes first, it has well-placed driver and passenger seats equipped with airbags. There is also Hill-start Assistance and Downhill brake control if you are planning a trip to northern areas on KIA. Parking Assistance system helps to park on difficult spots, on tough roads the Vehicle Management System helps and comes in handy. Cruise control helps you to rest a little bit on highways and drive mode select gives a helping hand with the genre of drive you want to do at the right time and at right spot.

Rent KIA from Khudcar

Now, you are well aware of all the functions and features KIA gives you can decide if you want to go on a trip with this one. It is suitable for long routes to northern areas as well short tips on smooth roads, hills and everywhere.You can get your KIA sportage from Khudcar website at very reasonable prices and different models that will be fulfilling your requirements. KIA alongside other premium cars is available on Khudcar website. They will accommodate the car model as well as reasonable pricing. The customer services team is always on the line, so if you need additional further information or guidance regarding the whole procedure, this is not an issue anymore.You can choose your city, location and time -in terms of dates - to clearly define your basic needs and you will be given a number of options to choose. Once your request is successfully completed on their website their customer services will get back to you and will guide you through the whole process. The rates, days and other necessary information that will be required from you will be discussed in brief and in a successful call meeting you will be directed to talk with the owner of the car and you can ask details and specifications alongside any other important information that might be required and comes in handy on the road. There will be a formal contract that will meet the needs of all parties and will be signed between you and the company and you will be given all road and returning car back details in a verbal and formal way as per your liking. Once everything is sorted, you can get your car from the center or they will deliver the car at your doorstep.

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