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Earn extra cash by renting out your car. We assist you in every step of the rental process and keep you up to date with various suggestions and improvements to boost your income

Choose when & who

You can manage customer’s booking requests and have the ability to approve requests as per your covenience. Take control of the information regarding the car, pricing details and earning report

Why choose Khudcar?

We help you customise the pricing during peak hours or during times of low traffic on the site.

We adhere to proper regulations and have a fair cancellation policy, making sure that both the owners and renters are satisfied.

Benefits Covered

Insurance & safety

You are protected with insurance coverage for damage (or) theft of a car for up to $---. We provide you safety by screening the renters and making them verify their identification details before being able to make a reservation.

24/7 support & pricing

Enjoy the freedom of renting your car by setting your own price along with the daily base mileage limit. Our 24/7 customer support is there to assist in every step of the renting process.

Why car sharing?

Effortless booking

Seamless payment systems, huge inventory of cars and easy check-in processes make the car-sharing environment simple and safe. It keeps the user engaged, making the process of booking easier and faster

5x Income

Car sharing platform makes the car owners feel more assured about renting out their cars and double their incomes. On the other hand it stabilizes the pricing algorithm and ensures renter's satfication.

Sharing is the future

Experience the endless possibilities of car-sharing with us.

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