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Renting a car can be extremely problematic if you do not know the right way to do it. Let’s start by talking a bit about renting a car. When we start talking about renting a car or approaching a company that offers car rental services, several different questions may pop up in the persons’ head. First and foremost, a person might think about what car rental services are. Another question that a person might think is “what is the best company to approach for car rental services”, and lastly, of course, the rates at which the services are being offered along with all the other services that are affiliated with the core service.

When it comes to renting a car, the first thing that you need to determine is your need and what your requirement is. The majority of the time, people rent cars when they are visiting a foreign area. Whether you are traveling for business purposes or if you are traveling for leisure, renting a car can be the most convenient mode of transportation. Especially when you get to rent a car without a driver. The reason why it can prove to be beneficial in so many different ways is that it can cut down your costs to a substantial level (as traveling is already so expensive) along with helping in keeping the COVID sops in mind. Another major factor that can prove to be beneficial for renting a car without a driver is that you have the liberty to go wherever and whenever you want. This gives the person a lot of freedom the way they want to conduct their traveling. This also gives you the freedom to select your routes or take alternative routes altogether. This might make the person fall in love with exploring a new city and experience a different kind of adrenaline rush.

Renting a car can also help you in saving the maintenance cost and the depreciation loss of the vehicle. A major advantage that people consider before renting a car is that you get to pick and choose the vehicle of your choice. Whether you need a larger car or a smaller car for different purposes, it is totally up to you and your preferences.

When it comes to renting a car in Lahore, we here at Khudcar, have come up with one solution to all your problems and all your potential concerns. Khudcar provides car rental services but unlike any other service provider in the same industry, we provide car rental services without a driver. This allows our potential clients to operate and plan their traveling at their convenience. Here at Khudcar, we have a variety of different vehicles and models of cars giving you a large variety to choose from. This also allows our valued potential and current customers to rent a car while staying well within their budget. Along with the variety of cars available for you here at Khudcar, the service that we provide has an edge over all the other car rental services that you will get in Pakistan. First and foremost, the car rental service comes without a driver. This gives our customers the freedom to travel on their terms. According to research that was conducted, it was found that ever since the pandemic started, people are mostly hesitant or very particular (if not hesitant) when it comes to renting cars for their personal use. The main reason for that is that people have become very possessive about someone from the outside invading their personal space, especially when that is within very close proximity which automatically increases the risk of the spread of the virus. Another reason why people have started to prefer self-service when it comes to driving a rented car is that a lot of people feel uncomfortable traveling with someone they do not know.

Considering all the potential concerns that our customers might have and based on research, we have come up with a driver-free car rental service that aims towards providing comfort and convenience as the satisfaction and happiness of our customers is our topmost priority. Here at Khudcar, we have a variety of different cars available for our customer base so that we have something for everyone along with making sure that the rental rates are pocket-friendly for our clients. The cars that we provide are also maintained very well to make sure that once a client rents out a car, he or she faces no inconvenience whatsoever. Now you can easily book a rental car service without any hassle. All you have to do is visit our website at, select your city and the choice of your vehicle to ensure your convenience. The minimum age to rent a car is 18 years along with a valid CNIC and a driver’s license. Also, if the person who wants to rent a car from Khudcar is visiting Pakistan on a tourist visa, he or she must have a home country license, a valid passport with visa stamps, and an international drivers’ license.

All our vehicles are insured and Khudcar does not require any security deposit before the booking of the vehicles. For further convenience, Khudcar accepts debit and credit cards as a mode of payment. All you have to do is upload your card details (debit or credit) on our safe and secured platform, and let our system take care of the rest. Now you can book your car at any time of the day (as our booking services are open 24 hours a day) and one of the partners of Khudcar will deliver the vehicle to you at your doorstep which will only cost you 350/- rupees per one-way delivery. The delivery times of vehicles are between 8 am to 9 pm. Whatever city you choose to avail the car rental services, the vehicle will be delivered all over the city however the booking and the delivery of the car will be subjected to the availability of the vehicle itself. Furthermore, to make things even easier and more convenient for our current and potential clients, we here at Khudcar make sure that there is a certain level of fuel available in the cars that are booked through Khudcar, however, the level the fuel in the vehicle also depends on the car that is being booked by our clients. Once the car is returned to the company after the allocated period of car rental is over, the client is required to make sure that the same amount of fuel is in the tank of the car.

After the car has been rented out by the client, in case the client accidentally gets in a road accident the client is required to notify Khudcar immediately and to file a police report. If in case an accident occurs and the client who booked the car is unable to provide a police report to Khudcar, the client will be held responsible for all the losses of the vehicle or all the costs that may be incurred due to the accident. If such an incident occurs, the insurance company will not cover any of the expenses for the vehicle or the damage that was done in an incident of a road accident. Other than the major accidents, minor inconveniences that may occur while the car is with the client include tire punctures, minor scratches, tire damage, wheel caps, aerials, and if or any damages on the windscreen of the vehicle will also not be covered by the insurance company or by Khudcar. In case such minor defaults or inconveniences happen, the client who had rented out the car will be held accountable and responsible to get the damages fixed. To ensure that such defaults are not there in the vehicle, the client will be provided an option to get the vehicle thoroughly checked to ensure that there are no defaults in the vehicle.

In case there is a violation of a traffic rule, the client will be responsible to pay for the fine and not the company. The minimum rental period is 24-hours for which the car can be rented. Khudcar acknowledges the fact that sometimes it can be inconvenient to carry a car key with the clients, this is why we offer the facility of providing an extra key in case the originally provided key is lost, however, there will be minimal charges that the client will have to provide. Another major concern that customers usually have is the level of fuel that will be provided. The clients will be responsible to cater to their fuel needs themselves. However, a certain level of fuel will be provided in every car that will be rented from Khudcar, to make sure that our clients do not face any inconvenience right after they have rented a car. Lastly, there is a certain mileage limit associated with each car before it is rented out to the customer. The daily mileage limit is 200 km, the weekly mileage limit is 1700 km, and lastly, the monthly mileage limit is 4000 km.

We hope your experience is beyond perfect with Khudcar!

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