Rent Heavy bikes in Pakistan

Heavy bikes have a whole vibe. They are comfy, stylish, equipped with features you will never find in normal or routine bikes and there is so much more. Heavy bikes are dreams of many yet a few can afford them. It is sad but it is true. Heavy bikes are expensive but that does not really mean you can’t ride one! If there is a will there's a way.Now, if we take a look at the situation here, there is no denying that the heavy bikes are not just heavy, they are extremely expensive as well. However, if you somehow manage to get one for yourself, the next crucial step will be to take care of it by all means and getting yourself a heavy bike unless you have a proper place for it or have proper roads to ride it, it can be costly in the longer run as well as it can be completely exhausting as well. That is one of the possible reasons why people prefer to purchase a car rather than a bike here in Pakistan.

Khudcar to rent your dreamy bike for the day

But, from where you can rent luxurious heavy bikes? Well, there are a few platforms that offer you their renting services for cars but only few offer you to hire a heavy bike and that’s where Khudcar comes in handy.Khudcar is a platform and an initiative to provide people with their dream cars as well as dream bikes in reasonable prices and comfortable situations.They stick to their policies and never compromise on them which makes them a trustworthy and brilliant platform to choose among others and you can honestly go to them without any fears or doubts, because not only they have your dream cars as well as bikes, but also they have a security for their customers who rent the bike and people who give up their cars for rent.

What exactly is a heavy bike?

Not many people actually know about bikes and heavy bikes differences? Well, you might think, what’s the big deal? A heavy bike is the bike that is more stylish - and as foreseen by its name - it is surely heavy!But, that’s not what it's only about. Heavy bikes offer you much more than that! Just like cars, there are several other things that a heavy bike does for you. While we are on the topic, we would also like to discuss heavy bikes in a bit of detail and you can keep these pointers for future references in your kind.

Heavy Bike Vs Light Bike

‘Heavy Bikes’ also vary in shapes, sizes, features and mileage and it totally depends on the person who is purchasing or will ride it to decide and choose between them. Both of these bikes are incredible and they work well if you have chosen the right one for yourself!

1. Body type

The very first thing that you need to consider while choosing between a heavy bike and light weight bike is your own body type. People who are taller and bigger need more comfort than an average heighted person, so it is best in their interest to choose a heavy and huge bike for a good balance overall. Same goes the case for people who are lightweight themselves or average weight, a lightweight bike bike will fulfill your needs professionally.

2. Purpose of Usage

Well next comes the purpose of usage. Why do you want to purchase a heavy bike? Will it be for once in a blue moon ride to enjoy the sunset while taking it down to the road or will you do sports racing with it? Will you ride alone or do you have a partner? If you want a bike for long distance mileage in less time, it is your lightweight bike because they are faster than heavier bikes. The breaks are also more comfortable in light weight bikes as compared to the heavy ones. ANother factor is that if you want to ride alone, lightweight bikes are suitable for you, however in case you want to ride as a two person, there is no room in lightweight bikes and you will need to switch to a heavy bike.

3. Pricing

Another very important factor to consider is the pricing. There are pros and cons for both lightweight as well as heavyweight bikes but it totally depends on the person who will be going to ride it. Your bike is your partner for every day or even once in a while usage and you should look for that partner in an honest and comfortable manner because that is what matters at the end of the day! Now, the price of lightweight bikes is way more than a heavy bike and the fuel consumption is greater in heavy bikes because they are slower than lightweight ones.

Get your Heavy Bike at Khudcar

Now, once you know what you should get for yourself after considering all the above mentioned pointers, you can easily go to the khudcar website or simply click here Khudcar. Choose your city and dates when you will be needing the bike and your process to get it will begin right away. You will have options to choose from and the customer services team will guide you in each and every step of your whole renting process! With khudcar it is easy and safe to rent your favorite bike or car. You can live upto your passion and you will not have to deal with it on a long-term basis.You can enjoy the best ride to your destination and when you return it - safely- everything will go back to normal.