Self Drive service in Pakistan

Self driving a rented car is indeed a bliss and not many rental car services are willing to provide that here in Pakistan. There are so many concerns and reasons why people are not willing to give rental car services in Pakistan for self driving. All these reasons are good and bad as well. Self drive is not a bad thing both for the person who wants to rent the car and the rental car company as well but when it comes to the safety and security on top of the concerns both of them are scared and willing to choose the option of self drive service in Pakistan.

What exactly is self drive service?

In simple words, self drive service is the kind of service a rent-a-car provides you where you can rent the car from the service provider and you need to self drive that car to your destination. They will not provide you with a driver. These types of services are quite cheap because the price you need to pay for the luxury of a driver is not there. This service is suitable for person to person and from situation to situation.

Benefits of Self Drive services

We will talk in brief about self drive service and its benefits and why you should choose this service for your drive.

1. Lack of disturbance

There is absolutely no disturbance and that is the huge benefit of a self drive rented car service benefit. If your trip is short and will be concluded within a day or even less, hiring a car with a driver is not a hassle, but if you are going away for a few days or a week, it is a wise decision to get a self drive service from your rent-a-car service provider.If you take a driver with you, it’s not a robot but a whole person. Even if he will not say a thing there is an awkwardness that will not shy away. Another important factor is that if you take the driver with you, it’s somewhat your responsibility to accommodate him and provide food and other stuff. Not that it’s mandatory but ethics and norms say so, at least here in Pakistan.

2. COVID-19 & hygiene

Apart from personal preferences, the ongoing COVID-19 situation as well is not favorable in terms of an unknown person traveling with you. Of course the drivers are not infected or something but precaution is always better than cure. The self drive service is free from the worry of being infected by a stranger on your trip. Only the family members will be with you and if you keep precautions and be cautious the chances of being positive are very low. Apart from COVID concerns, personal hygiene is also taken care of because when we share close spaces with people it’s very easy and highly possible to pass on germs and vice versa.

3. Safety is a perk

When you choose self drive car options the safety is automatically locked in here. On long routes it is a wise and good decision to take your car and your responsibility in your own hands. You can stop and take rests in between, also if your family or trip members fall asleep there will be no threat to them. In Pakistan the safety concerns are quite high due to lawless situations and people are quite afraid when it comes to their family members especially females. Always a wise decision to take self drive service rather than a driver.

4. Less fare, more freedom

This is a very obvious reason, when you are not hiring the services of a person for a few days, your rent will be automatically less. Also, what matters more is not saving a few thousands but also your freedom. When traveling with closed ones, what matters the most is making memories on the trip. You can make memories when you are truly comfortable and easy. You can choose your routes, stop where you want to stop, drive slowly towards your destination and explore places on the go. A great option which comes with many perks and benefits.

Where can you find a reliable self drive car service here in Pakistan?

Khudcar is a very reliable service when it comes to finding a reliable and affordable rent-a-car service for yourself in Pakistan. This is a platform that provides you with full freedom of what type of service you require, in which city you require it, on hourly basis or for a few days, with or without a driver and you know what? The best part is that you can choose cars of your own choice from basic ones to fully luxurious cars at a very much reasonable pricing.You can go to your website or click here Khudcar.The freedom to choose any type of car as per your liking days is available in the operational cities. The office of Khudcar is located in Lahore and they are expanding to the main cities in Pakistan for now.You can add your details specifications and they will let you contact the owner of the car to decide rent as well as you can talk about details and specification of the car directly with the owner. You can also get wedding cars on rent from their official website.They will make a secure and reliable contract for both parties and you can get the car on promised time as per your contract from them, delivered at your home or you can go and pick it by yourself, whichever method suits you the best. The security and a favorable situation for both parties is the idealization of Khudcar and they are living by their ideologies by easing life of people here in Pakistan.